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West Coast Poplock 2020

Featuring Snoop Dogg, E40, Too $hort, Rappin 4Tay, Celly Cel &
​Zapp Troutman, King MC

Suga Free & Wyclef Jean 

Produced By:

Lee "DJ Flash" Johnson,
Larry"Captain Rapp" Glenn,
DJ Battlecat, Skip Saylor, Richie Rich, JayKay, Funkmaster Ozone, Mikel Hooks & Max Michel

 Copyright © Rappers Rapp Records

Ronnie Hudson, Snoop Dogg, Too Short, E40, Rappin 4Tay, Celly Cel & Zapp

  • West Coast Poplock - Official Remix6:05
  • High Off The Fame3:25
  • West Coast Poplock 20205:56
  • Westcoastin"4:43
  • Playaz Club (Anotha Car Jack)3:58
  • Boulevard Breezes4:06
  • Gangstaz R.I.P.3:48
  • Mack Attack0:18
  • Don't Throw Your Life Away3:53
  • Radio Activity Rapp 20205:30
  • Let The Party Begin3:05
  • Word Play2:57
  • We Should Be Shinnin4:18
  • iWest Radio Skit0:33
  • West Coast Poplock -Official Remixed6:05
  • West Coast Poplock 2020 (Reprise)3:33
  • California Love 20206:21
  • Westcoastin"4:43
  • West Coast Poplock -Official Remixed6:05